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Dependable Roof Maintenance in Richmond Hill & the GTA


Like any other precious asset in life, a roof needs certain sustenance and upkeep to perform efficiently over a long time period. Your roof is your biggest shelter and protection against tough weather conditions and other safety hazards. A roof is exposed to all kinds of external elements and even goes through continuous deterioration and damage. This is why taking due care of the roof is crucial, so it may keep safeguarding you in the future. However, you cannot do an inspection and upkeep task efficiently by yourself. That is where Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd comes in. With over three decades of roof maintenance experience in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area, we have helped many homeowners extend the life of their roofs.

We offer maintenance programs along with a thorough evaluation that comprises determining your roof type, level of usage, age, roofing system & design complexities. By signing up for our regularly-scheduled roof maintenance program, you can get reduced labour rates, maintenance logs, and a 24-hour point of contact. Call us today to hire our roof maintenance experts in Richmond Hill and get peace of mind by knowing that your roofing system is in good hands.


Why Is Regular Roof Maintenance Significant?

Are you worried about the seemingly bad condition of your roof? Do you constantly feel that your roof may not last for a long time, leaving you in a state of financial crunch? Most laminate shingles last 25 to 35 years, while cedar shakes and shingles last 20 to 30 years with the right maintenance. However, certain external factors can cause your roof to wear down more rapidly. Keep reading to know more about the factors that cause severe damage to your roof without you even realizing it:

  • Exposure to environmental elements such as UV rays, heavy winds, rain, snowstorms, extreme temperature, and air pollution.

  • Structural movement such as underground settlement, seismic movement, and thermal expansion & contraction.

  • Biological growth, such as vegetation, fungus, and algae.

  • Improper or inadequate design of the roofing system including improper drainage, flashings, structural deficiencies, etc.

  • Manufacturing defects such as errors in formulation or fabrication of the roof.

  • Changes to the use and occupancy of the building, which can lead to an increase in interior humidity.

  • Rooftop traffic, abuse or vandalism.

  • Air pollution and industrial emissions.

Your roof needs a well-formulated maintenance system, so it is examined and tuned up efficiently on a pre-scheduled basis. Such regular tune-up services will help you in identifying potential problems and putting in place suitable preventive measures. At the same time, a maintenance programme also helps diagnose a problem in its initial stage to save up on valuable money, time, and effort.


The cost of our maintenance programmes differs on the basis of the total area and accessibility of your roof. Contact us today to know more about our roof maintenance programmes and comprehensive roofing services in Richmond Hill and its surrounding areas.


Benefits of Roof Maintenance

The roof of your property provides integrity and strength to the design and architecture of the building. If you do not care enough about its regular upkeep, you may have to spend a hefty sum of money at a later time on its repair or replacement. Periodic maintenance will guard your roof against issues such as mould growth, leakage, and more. Read on to learn the benefits of maintaining your roof: Here are the four benefits you can expect to reap when you stick to a proper roof maintenance schedule:

  1. Damage control - It helps you easily spot and address burgeoning issues before they become a threat.

  2. Extended roof life - It helps you extend your roof’s service life and avoid the risk of premature roof replacement.

  3. Energy efficiency boost - It helps you ensure better insulation at home, effectively reducing energy loss and lowering energy bills.

  4. Healthy living - It helps you spot problem areas, address them promptly and avoid these health hazards.

Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd. has been in the roofing business for over three decades. We offer 24-hour emergency roofing services for your residential and commercial facilities. Our knowledgeable and highly-skilled staff is always eager to design a customized, affordable roof maintenance programme for your roof in Richmond Hill and its surrounding areas. Call us today!

Our Roof Maintenance Services in Richmond Hill & the GTA

Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd. offers a full range of roof maintenance services to enable you to keep your home absolutely safe and secure. Whether you want cleaning of gutters, moss removal, debris, and dust cleaning, we have you covered. Our roofing experts use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced safety gear to do your roof tune-up job. Have a look at the maintenance services we provide at Trudel & Sons Roofing include:

  • Does a Copper Roof Require Maintenance?
    Copper roofs are relatively easy to maintain. It does not require paint or a preventive coat against rust, as it is naturally rust-resistant. Moreover, due to its sturdy nature, you don't have to worry about heavy winter snows, rainfall or strong winds damaging it. However, you can always ask our roofing experts to inspect for any loose fasteners and the sealing of the seams
  • What Are the Signs That My Copper Roofing Needs Repair?
    You can look for the following signs to see if your copper roofing requires repairs: Signs of water damage on the underside of the decking Signs of water spots or signs of water damage on the wood frame Star-shaped cracks and fractures, noticeable at corners Loosened nails and cleats due to frequent temperature change
  • How Much Does a Copper Roof Cost?
    There is no set cost for a copper roof. Its price depends on the style of roof, type of material, amount of coverage and other factors. Moreover, copper costs vary depending on availability and current market conditions.
  • How Long Will a Copper Roof Last?
    Copper roofs have one of the most extended lives when compared to other types. With proper maintenance, they can last up to 100 years.


With experience comes good judgment and integrity. Our trained professionals offer all of that and more for your safety, comfort, and convenience. When it comes to roof maintenance for your property in Richmond Hill and its surrounding areas, look further than Trudel & Sons Ltd. Call us to get a free quote.

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