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 Roof replacement

Durable Roof Replacement in Richmond Hill & the GTA

Roof issues, such as leaks and missing shingles, are things that happen to a majority of homeowners and business owners at some point. But, when the problem stems from age-related causes or deterioration, it can become exceedingly difficult to justify a roof repair. Deterioration can result from lack of maintenance, advanced age, or long-term exposure to the elements. Get quality roof replacements in Richmond Hill at Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd.


In instances of advanced deterioration, any attempted repair will most likely only be temporary and will rarely solve the problem. Repairing a deteriorating roof is most likely not the best solution for your dollar. But, a reroof may be the most cost-effective resolution.


Four Signs That You Might Need a Roof Replacement

It’s highly important to know when you need a roof replacement before it some serious damage or if it falls apart completely. Some indications to determine that include:


Damaged Shingles

Wind and other natural elements can damage the shingles of your roof and might even loosen the nails or sealant holding them in place. Ignoring these things can end up damaging your roof even more.

Visible Cracks

As the shingles get old, they can start to crack up and will cause a lot of damage to your ceilings. If there are visible cracks in your roofing system, you must quickly get a contractor to replace it as water can seep into the upper layer and cause moulding or moisture damage to the walls.

Leaky Roof

If you notice your roof leaking during a rainy day, this means that your roof and the ceiling are already very damaged. In such cases, you should get an immediate replacement from an experienced roofing contractor that can not only replace the damaged roof but can also identify key damaged areas and repair them as well.

Moss Growth

Once the moisture gets trapped under your roof, it will start promoting moss growth throughout the surface. This quite frankly ruins your roof and can even grow further to damage your walls. An experienced roofing contractor like ours will be able to get rid of the moss entirely before installing the new roof.

When is Roof Replacement Necessary?

Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and your roof is an integral part of it. You need to ensure that your roof is well-maintained to protect your house, its walls, ceilings, and attic. The roof replacements are essential to maintain the appearance and structure of your home. Any leakage, crack and damage to the roof should be resolved quickly. Overlooking the need to replace the roof can result in severe damages like water leakage, dampness, or moss growth, creating an unhealthy place.


In roof replacement, we will replace the old roof with a new one. Our team of professional roofers conducts reliable roof replacements in Richmond Hill. The steps involved in the process are:

  • Taking out the old roofing structure and its system.

  • Penetrations like chimneys are secured via metal flashing.

  • Setting the Underlayment.

  • Installation of the new roof.

  • The remains and fragments are cleared.

  • Inspection.

Our team of skilled roofers professionally handles all these steps. Visit Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd. to get a roof replacement in Richmond Hill. You can read our blogs to find out more about the different types of roofing solutions trending in the market right now.


Does Your Roof Need to Be Repaired or Replaced in Richmond Hill or the GTA?

In roof repair, the small and damaged parts of the roof exposed to harsh conditions are restored. Instead of establishing a whole new roof, we work to renovate the damaged area. This includes fixing the portion responsible for leaks or changing the damaged shingles. Roof repair is less expensive and can be completed quickly.

In the roof replacement, the whole roof is replaced altogether with a new one. When the roof is beyond repair, it is advisable to replace the damaged area involving a large portion of the roof. This project is more expensive compared to roof repair, but the benefits of a new roof will outweigh costly repairs.

At Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd., our roofers can conduct a thorough roof inspection to determine whether your roof needs reroofing or repair and provide you with all your options. Contact us to schedule an inspection or to get a free estimate for your requirements.

Our Roof Replacement Process

We are a team of experienced roofing professionals that have spent years in the industry while working with all kinds of residential and commercial clients. Once you hire us for a roof replacement project, our team will follow the following steps to give you a new and functional roof:

  • First, our team will visit your house to assess the condition of your roof.

  • All the damages will be recorded and you will be informed about the cost associated with the replacement.

  • The damaged areas will be removed, cleaned and replaced with a new roof.

  • We won’t leave your place messy and dirty, our team will dispose of all the dust and debris after the project ends. 

If you have any questions about roof replacement services, please go through our FAQ section. You can also give us a call and ask our representative anything related to the roofing services that we offer.

Different Roofing Materials We Work With

Here are the different types of roofing materials we work with:

Asphalt Roofing

These are one of the most popular roofing solutions out there in the market due to the ease of maintenance and affordability they offer. They are available in a lot of different designs and can be a great match for residential roofing requirements.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are fire-resistant, energy-efficient, recyclable, eco-friendly and highly durable. They require very little maintenance and are easy to install and repair. 

Copper Roofs

These roofs are considerably lighter and offer a lot of other practical benefits as well. Copper is rust-resistant, looks great and is very durable, making it a great fit for those who want elegant looks without compromising on quality.

We also offer maintenance services to make sure that your roof stays functional and lasts for years to come. Give us a call today to schedule a repair, maintenance or replacement service from our reputed roofing company.

Why Choose Trudel & Sons Roofing in Richmond Hill and the GTA?

Trudel & Sons Roofing is a thriving family-run business with over 35 years of experience.

We are known for providing excellent craftsmanship and award-winning service. We have worked for non-profit groups such as Habitat for Humanity and will continue to do so. We are members of BILD, the Greater Barrie Home Builders Association, the Durham Home Builders Association, the Residential Roofing Contractors Association, and the BBB.

Call Our Experts for Roof Replacement Services

To discuss whether a repair or reroof is right for your home or business, call Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd, the Greater Toronto Area’s roofing professionals! You can also request a quote for roof replacement in Richmond Hill.

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