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Dependable Roof Maintenance in Richmond Hill & GTA

Like any other precious asset in life, a roof also entails certain sustenance and upkeep in order to function with effectiveness and endurance. From wear and tear to weather damage and critter intrusions, your roof puts up a fair fight each day. Not everyone can get up on a ladder and examine their roof for possible damage. That is where Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd come in. With over three decades of roof maintenance experience in Richmond Hill and the Greater Toronto Area, we have helped many homeowners extend the life of their roofs.


We offer maintenance programs preceded by an in-depth evaluation that goes over the type of roof you have, usage, age, system complexity, and design demands, to ensure we come up with the best solutions. By signing up for our regularly-scheduled roof maintenance program you can get reduced labour rates, maintenance logs, a 24-hour point of contact and peace of mind in knowing your roofing system is in good hands.


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Why Is Regular Roof Maintenance Significant?

Is the lifespan your roof concerning you? Most laminate shingles last 25 to 35 years, while cedar shakes and shingles usually last 20 to 30 years with the right maintenance. That being said, there are a few external factors that can cause your roof to wear down more quickly:

  • Exposure to environmental elements including UV rays, wind, rain, snow, temperature, air pollution and industrial emissions.
  • Structural movement such as settlement, seismic movement, and thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Biological growth, such as vegetation, fungus and algae.
  • Improper or inadequate design of the roof system, including improper drainage, flashings, structural deficiencies, etc.
  • Manufacturing defects, such as errors in formulation or fabrication.
  • Changes to the use and occupancy of the building, which can lead to an increase in interior humidity.
  • Rooftop traffic, abuse or vandalism.


Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Here are the four benefits you can expect to reap when you stick to a proper roof maintenance schedule:

  1. Damage control - It helps you easily spot and address burgeoning issues before they become a threat.
  2. Extended roof life - It helps you extend your roof’s service life and avoid the risk of premature roof replacement.
  3. Energy efficiency boost - It helps you ensure better insulation at home and effectively reduces energy loss, which results in lower energy bills.
  4. Healthy living - It helps you spot problem areas, address them promptly and avoid these health hazards.


Services We Offer

The maintenance services we provide at Trudel & Sons Roofing include:


 Roof Cleaning

 Moss Removal

 Leaf & Debris Removal

 Gutter Cleaning


 Chimney Protection


 Ice Removal


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With experience comes good judgment and integrity. Our trained professionals offer all of that and more in Richmond Hill. When it comes to roofing maintenance, get a free quote.


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