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Experienced and Top-notch Roof Repair Services in Richmond Hill

A vital aspect of your home and your protective cover against weather changes, a roof is like a helmet for your house. Prone to wear and tear, your roof requires constant attention and maintenance. Providing prompt and high-quality roofing repair services for over 35 years, Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd specializes in residential and commercial roofing. With an innate understanding of your roofing system, our team of experts inspects and rectifies the underlying cause of damage effectively. Book an inspection


Reliable and Expert Roofing Services in Richmond Hill

A functional roof not only serves to protect against weather changes but it also adds elegance and curb appeal to your property, while significantly reducing energy consumption. There are three main components to your roofing system.

  • The covering of the roof
    The roof covering is the first component that gets maximum exposure to rains, winds and harsh sunlight. This covering is put over a water-resistant layer so that any water that enters can drain out effectively.

  • Roof structure
    The roof structure is the next component comprises the sheathing and framing that gives shape to the roof and maintains its shape. It also supports the connections between the roof and the walls, ensuring a sturdy roof.

  • Connectivity between the structure and the walls
    Once the sheathing is done, the internal roof framing forms the third component  which when connected properly can withstand the force of high winds and rains. The wall connections hold the entire roofing system together allowing your roof to remain intact.

The reliable roofers at Trudel & Sons work with utmost dedication to ensure that your roof gives you the best protection for a long time.


Repair or Replace - Decide What’s Best for your Property

A common dilemma among property owners is whether to repair or replace their roof once the problem is identified. With the expert repair specialists of Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd, we can help determine if the remaining serviceable life of a roof is worth repairing or if a replacement would be more beneficial. Though getting a new roof might look easier, there are several factors to consider while repairing, including the type of damage and how much of the roof’s portion needs repair. Let's take a look:

  • Replacing shingles
    Heavy winds are one of the main causes of missing shingles. Replacing them will restore the functionality of your roof. The size and the area of the roof that needs new shingles might be a hindrance sometimes. But always keep in mind that missing shingles can create further damage to your roof if not repaired on time.

  • Small leaks
    Leaking roofs are an immediate call for action. If left unattended, they can result in bigger leaks ultimately making you replace your entire roof. When the leak is small, mostly in the flashing points, a quick repair is all that it takes. A roofing contractor will inspect your roof clearly and repair the source of the leak.

  • Poor installation
    If your roofing system is not properly installed the first time, it might result in early wear and tear. Such damages can be handled with immediate repairs of the affected parts of the roofing structure. Using quality materials and competent workmanship creates roofing systems that are built to last. So it's best to get the right finished product on the first installation.

Repairing a roof helps in extending its service life, giving property owners more value for money.


When to Repair

Repairing specific roofing elements can be financially justified when the cause of damage to the roof is from certain types of impact, such as hail or a fallen tree. Other types of incidents where a decision will need to be made can include:


  • Poor Installation

  • Deteriorated Flashings

  • Water Intrusion Sources (Vents, Pipes, Skylights, Chimney, Drains, Pitch Pockets, etc.)

  • Other Impact Types

  • Non-Systemic Causes

In these cases, once the roof is repaired, the roof is expected to live out its expected service life, making the repair a viable investment.

Detecting Roof Leaks

At Trudel & Sons Roofing we make every effort to assess the leak source on the first try. However, the ability to immediately identify water infiltration causes can often be a challenge, one that is often compounded by limited interior access. Due to gravity, water will trail along the path of least resistance, so although it may be entering the building in one location it could very well entered many feet away in a less obvious area. Not having x-ray vision to see underneath a roof system is a hindrance for all roofing contractors, thus patience is always appreciated if several visits are required to find the entry point of the leak and complete the repair.


We will use our expertise to rule out the most obvious roof faults and take the most logical approach. To keep costs to a minimum, we will start with the most likely reasons for water intrusion and then expand from there as necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Repairs

  1. Can I repair my own roof?
    While many homeowners are eager to try out the DIY methods of roof repair, it is not advisable to do so. If there are repeated damages in the roof, then repairing them will be difficult. It’s best to leave the repairs to professional workers who have expertise in roofing.

  2. When is the ideal time to repair my roof?
    Immediate action must be taken as soon as the problem is spotted. Some damages such as leaks surface only during the rains. So make sure that you identify the damage in your roof and get it repaired at the earliest.

  3. Do I replace my leaking roof completely?
    Leaky areas in your roof indicate a problem but mostly such damages can be quickly repaired. Just a small leak does not mean you need to replace the entire roof. Damaged shingles and loose flashings can also cause leaks. Such minor leaks can be repaired immediately and should not be ignored. Most roofing problems are uncovered only after major damage has occurred. So it’s best to identify the issues with your roof on time and get it repaired at the earliest.


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Unfortunately, most roof problems are only uncovered after serious damage has already occurred. So, if you suspect there is an issue with your roof, it is best to request an evaluation as quickly as possible.

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