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 Roof replacement

Durable Roof Replacement in Richmond Hill & the GTA

Roof issues, such as leaks and missing shingles, are things that happen to a majority of homeowners and business owners at some point. But, when the problem stems from age-related causes or deterioration, it can become exceedingly difficult to justify a roof repair. Deterioration can result from lack of maintenance, advanced age, or long-term exposure to the elements. Get quality roof replacements in Richmond Hill at Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd.


In instances of advanced deterioration, any attempted repair will most likely only be temporary and will rarely solve the problem. Repairing a deteriorating roof is most likely not the best solution for your dollar. But, a reroof may be the most cost-effective resolution.


Four Signs That You Might Need a Roof Replacement

It’s highly important to know when you need a roof replacement before it some serious damage or if it falls apart completely. Some indications to determine that include:


Damaged Shingles

Wind can cause damage to your roof, wherein the shingles might get lifted, loosening the sealant and nail.


Visible Cracks

You must replace your roof if the shingles have cracked or are broken due to natural elements.


Leaky Roof

When there are visible cracks and watermarks on your roof. 


Moss Growth

Trapped moisture in your roof can lead to moss growth, quite frankly ruining it.


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To discuss whether a repair or reroof is right for your home or business, call Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd, the Greater Toronto Area’s roofing professionals! You can also request a quote for roof replacement in Richmond Hill.



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