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Do I Need to Replace a Leaking Roof?

an old damaged roof

Recent storms in Ontario and Quebec have reminded Canadians about the threat storms can bring to their homes. Nearly a million homes in these provinces lost power because of high winds and severe storms. Not all storm damage comes from events like these, though. Sometimes, storms have a cumulative effect on your house. Large pools of water on your roof can cause extensive roof damage over time. A leaking roof is often a symptom of this kind of damage. When leaks occur, people usually have two options. First, they can repair leaking roof problems. Alternatively, they may need to replace a leaking roof. The question is, what does your roof require? Discover if you need a roof replacement by reading this guide!

Are You Missing Shingles?

The first thing to ask is whether your roof has missing shingles. Most houses rely on asphalt shingles as their first defence against leaks. Most of the time, roof repairs can resolve this issue. Asphalt shingles are easy to replace, especially if there are only a handful missing. However, sometimes the problem is more widespread. If several areas of your roof have missing shingles, it's best to consider replacing your leaking roof. Otherwise, your roof's underlayment can become exposed to increased amounts of water. Over time, this can cause structural damage. The age of your shingles could also affect how soon they need replacing. Most asphalt shingle roofs last between 20-25 years. Shingles nearing the end of their life cycle often necessitate a roof replacement. Sometimes, people may not know how old their roofs are. If so, check the shingles for curling. Curled shingles demonstrate age and expose your roof to wind and rain damage.

Do You Have Flashing Leaks?

Many leaking roof problems stem from issues in your flashing and underlayment. These issues often affect tile roofs in particular. Fortunately, these issues are rarely severe. Tile roofs can last for several years, making them a durable type of roof. However, even these sturdy options often need maintenance to prevent leaks. We recommend hiring a roofing service to fix whatever flashing leak you may experience. Then, consider scheduling routine maintenance checks to ensure the flashing and underlayment remain structurally sound.

Does Your Roof Sag?

A sagging roof is one of the most severe problems your roof can face. Sagging roof leaks indicate extensive water damage that could severely damage your house's structure. The only solutions in these instances are roof replacements. Search for a roofing company that can replace your roof immediately so your household can remain safe.

Find the Professionals You Need to Repair a Leaking Roof

In many cases, you can repair a leaking roof for relatively little cost. However, sometimes a roof leak could necessitate replacements. If you're concerned about a leaking roof, contact Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd! We provide affordable rates and award-winning service in Richmond Hill and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We take pride in our exceptional service to customers. Request a free quote from Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd today to determine what your roof needs!


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