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How Long Does a Roof Installation Take? Ask a Roofing Contractor In Richmond Hill

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Are you putting off a new roof? Maybe you're dreading how long the project could take. If you've never gone through a roof replacement before, it could feel like you don't have the time to call a contractor and schedule the job. Replacing a roof is a significant project, but it might not take as long as you think to start and finish the project. Depending on the type of roof you have and several other factors, a typical roof replacement can be completed without affecting your day-to-day schedule. How long does a roof installation take? Check out this insight from a professional roofing contractor Richmond Hill.

How Old Is Your Roof?

The older the roof, the longer it can take to finish a roof replacement. Depending on the materials and how worn or weathered your roof is, tearing it away can take a significant amount of time. Once the old shingles and decking are gone, your roofing contractor inspects what's left for damage. Repairs to your roof's structure can add some time before new materials are ready to replace the old roof. This can add a day or two to the total project timeline.

How Steep Is Your Roof?

Steeper roofs typically take longer to replace than roofs with less of an incline. A-frame and colonials homes have rooflines with a steep pitch, and they're often much taller than more modern types of homes. Safety is always a priority when a team of roofers works on your new roof. Steep roofs require a few more safety steps to make sure the roofers stay safe. These roofs can also force workers to work a little slower to maintain safety and ensure your roof installs correctly.

How's the Weather?

Weather is always a factor when it's time for a new roof. When rain, wind, hail, or other extreme weather conditions happen on the days that your roofers scheduled your project, this can cause delays. When scheduling your roof replacement Richmond Hil, your contractor should also have their eyes on the weather forecast and the time of year. While it's impossible to avoid the potential for weather delays altogether, your contractor will work to schedule your project when the weather won't be a potential problem.

How Big Is Your Roof?

Larger homes with significant roofing square footage will require more time to replace the roof. Many smaller single-layer asphalt roofing jobs can take place within a day or two, while larger roofing structures can require a week or longer for tear-off and replacement.

Don't Wait! Contact the trusted Roofing Contractor of Richmond Hill

Keeping up with roof maintenance Richmond Hill can help extend the life of your roof. However, at the first signs of leaks or damage, contact the best roofing contractor Richmond Hill to inspect it and recommend a repair or replacement solution. We work with most types of roofs, and we'll give you an accurate pricing and timeline estimate for your roofing project. Contact Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd. for a free quote!

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