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How Much Does a New Roof System Cost?

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The average cost of replacing a roof system in Canada can vary widely. There are many decisions you can make that can make the roof replacement more or less expensive. These factors include the roofing used on your new roof and its size. Other factors aren't completely under your control. For example, a roof replacement in one location can cost more than the same service in another location. The labour cost of different roofers can also vary from company to company. To not be surprised by the cost of your new roof, you should have an idea of the average price of a roof replacement based on these factors. Read on to get some of this insight.

Cost of a Shingle Roof System

The average shingle roof cost can vary per square foot. It can be either very cheap or moderately expensive. One of the reasons for the large range in price has to do with the variety of shingle types. Shingles are not just made of asphalt. Slate and wood are also possible choices for shingle materials. Several 'premium' asphalt shingle styles that have several layers of material for added durability are also available.

Cost of a Metal Roof System

Installing a metal roof in Canada is more expensive than shingles per square foot on average. It's possible to lower that cost by choosing a cheaper metal like aluminum over a more expensive metal like steel. Keep in mind, though, that this can affect how long your roof lasts. You should also consider lifespan when comparing the costs of metal vs shingle roofs. Metal roofs can be more expensive than shingle roofs at the start. However, you may end up paying more in replacement and repairs as the shingles wear down.

Cost of Roofer Labour

The average roofer's salary per hour can quickly add up. If there are a lot of roofers working on a project, you'll probably need to pay for all of them. Beyond that, there will probably be overhead costs. Then there's the time that it takes roofers to complete the job to consider. If your roof is difficult to get to, it should take the roofers more time to complete the task. How complicated the shape of your roof is can also cause labour time to increase. You can choose the cheapest roofers in the area. If you do this, however, you need to keep in mind that their work may not be of the highest quality. This, you can end up paying a lot more for repairs in the long run.

Trust Trudel and Sons Roofing Ltd. With Your Roofing Needs

In sum, a favourable goal is to get the best balance between how much you pay now and how much you'll pay later. Certain financial struggles can get in the way of this but remember that all you can do is your best. Also, when you're ready for a roof system replacement in Richmond Hill or the GTA. consider the services of Trudel and Sons Roofing Ltd. We're a family-run business that has operated successfully for over 35 years. Contact us now for a free estimate.


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