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How to Select the Right Roofing Company for Your Home Project

Roof Repair Markham

R-OO-F-I-N-G: How to Select the Right Roofing Company for You

With over 100,000 private dwellings, Markham has a lot of roofs to repair and a lot of roofers as well. In fact, there are over 10 pages of Google search results and over 100 contractor listings on the online Yellow Pages. With so much choice, how can you select the right roofing company for your home or business roofing needs?


Whether you are looking for a roofing company for your home or business, the answer to selecting the right company can be found in the object of your interest: ROOFING.



Even before you begin to look for a company for roof repair Markham, do a little research about your home or business and your roof in particular and roofing products and practices in general. 


You will want to research potential roof repair companies by:

·       asking neighbours and friends for referrals and suggestions

·       requesting references from potential contractors and asking to see examples of their work

·       asking the contractors’ references:

·       how their experience with the company was

·       whether the contractor completed the job on time and as promised in the contract

·       if the company followed safety precautions

·       how well the roof repair company took care of the work site and cleaned up before leaving the premises

·     consulting the Better Business Bureau and other consumer lists to check for complaints, alerts, etc.


OO: Oh-Ohs

Beware of roof repair companies that:

·       don’t have a license

Even if a business license is not required in your city, having one demonstrates a certain level of seriousness and responsibility.

·       don’t have a tax ID number and one or more of the following:

o   business address

o   website

o   legitimate email address

o   phone number

·       insist on cash and/or don’t give you a written contract

o   the longer the paper trail, the greater your recourse if something goes wrong.

·       are free tomorrow at a great price!


F: Formal Contract

The contract should include the:

·       price and payment schedule

·       materials to be used

·       list of subcontractors

·       the start and end dates

·       roof inspection details

·       details about clean-up and protecting landscaping

·       details about responsibility for damages to your or neighbouring property


I: Interview

It is useful to interview several roofing contractors and get estimates. In addition to all things mentioned above in ROOF, be sure to inquire about:

·       training and experience

·       safety measures - fall arrest protection should be worn and anchored


N: Necessary Insurance

The roof repair contractor that you choose should have insurance to cover:

·       workers (worker's compensation)

·       damages to your property (liability)


G: Green

A good price is important, but the amount of green you will pay should not be the only factor. Select the roof repair company for your home or business that best responds to your ROOFING queries. Take your time deciding, for with regular maintenance and high-quality materials, your replacement roof should be with you for 30 years or more.


Roofing Repair in Markham and the GTA

Trudel & Sons Roofing in Markham is a reliable and reputable roof repair Markham contractor. Contact us for an interview and estimate or to ask us questions about your roof and roofing repair needs.


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