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Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage

 Roofer repairing damaged shingles

Depending on your roofing system, it can last between 10 to 100 years depending on the type of roof and if you take care of it and you're aware of the signs of roof damage. Roof damage that's been allowed to grow and get worse may mean an early roof repair or roof replacement. How can you increase your awareness of roof damage? Part of it is knowing when to look and where. Keep reading to find out about the most overlooked signs of roof damage.

Shingle Buckling and Deck Damage

Some of the more major signs of roof damage are harder to spot than the more common ones. After a large hailstorm or windstorm, the roof may get hit by debris even if you don't hear it happen. That could at once or over time cause damage to the roof deck itself. This could cause more visible signs like shingles popping off, or less visible ones such as nail pops and buckling shingles. Buckling shingles usually occur when the roof deck underneath is damaged or rotten. If something has been hitting the shingles it could break the deck itself, or damage the shingle enough to allow water past the sheathing and pool on the deck. It might not be visible from inside, but once water is getting in, rot, leaking into the house or attic, mould and stains are all possible signs of a bigger problem on the roof decking. At that point, you'll need more than minimal roof maintenance, you may need serious repairs.

Algae on the Roof?

The algae we're talking about isn't necessarily green, like you may be thinking. Black mottled spots on your roof could be areas where the aggregate material has fallen away from the asphalt shingle itself. More likely, if your roof is newer than ten years, it could be gloeocapsa magma, a cyanobacterium that looks a lot like algae. It has a similar appearance and even could be a bit slick when wet, but it's famous for creating black streaks in runoff zones. They love moisture and calcium carbonate, both of which are fairly abundant on roofs. Calcium carbonate is found inside many fibreglass asphalt shingles as a filler, which serves as food for the bacteria. Coupled with frequent rains and you've got yourself a colony. You may not notice it until it starts to darken, which is how it protects itself from UV radiation. Fortunately, a copper sulphate mix that kills invertebrates can be a solution. Don't let these little guys lead you to early roof replacement and lower property values. Even higher cooling costs and cancelled homeowners insurance can happen if you let it go long enough without treatment.

Commonly Overlooked Signs of Roof Damage

If you see signs like this or other common roof damage, make sure to call an expert. Trudel & Sons Roofing is the 2021 Home Builder Awards winner for roofing contractor of the year in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve served Southern Ontario for over 35 years with a comprehensive range of residential and commercial roofing services. Get in touch with Trudel & Sons Roofing today for a free estimate and ensure your roof lasts as long as it should.


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